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Upcoming Bushfire Preparation Meeting in Riddells Creek

Upcoming Bushfire Preparation Meeting in Riddells Creek

Residents in Riddells Creek are invited to attend an upcoming Bushfire Preparation Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 26th February, 7.30pm at the Riddells Creek Primary School.

Riddells Creek and Gisborne South witnessed the largest fire in over 30 years when a fast moving grassfire destroyed 2,500 hectares and 5 houses on Sunday 9th February.

“It was a stark reminder that we all need to have a bushfire plan if we live in a rural area” said Dave Thompson, Captain of the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade. “Not only in the bush area, but in the grasslands as well. This fire spread with such speed that waiting until the fire started was really too late” said Dave.

Given the proximity of the fire to the township of Riddells Creek, CFA have since received a number of enquiries from local residents for advice on how to prepare for similar fires in the future.

The session will last around 1 hour and will cover the essential things you and your family need to know about living in high risk bushfire and grassfire areas.

Please note that CFA postpone all community meetings when the Fire Danger Rating is Severe, Extreme or Code Red, so it would be worthwhile checking the Fire Danger Rating on the day.


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