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Brigade biennial elections results in a few changes to our leadership team

Brigade biennial elections results in a few changes to our leadership team

The Riddells Creek Fire Brigade decided on the future structure of its leadership team at its biennial elections earlier this week.

As a result of the elections, a small number of changes will take place to the composition of the brigades management team (or BMT) when the changes take effect from the beginning of July.

The CFA requires all fire brigades to elect their team of officers and managers on a two-yearly basis and the results of the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade elections held this week were:

  • Captain: Dave Thompson
  • 1st Lieutenant: Tom Morley
  • 2nd Lieutenant: Michael Hemingway
  • 3rd Lieutenant: Gill Metz
  • 4th Lieutenant: Mark White
  • Communications Officer: Rob Sanderson
  • Secretary: Dawn Ciechomski
  • Treasurer: Ruary Bucknall
  • Community Safety Manager: Dean Anderson
  • Training Manager: Jo Thompson
  • Equipment Manager: Marcus Bootle
  • Catering & Support Manager: Louise Hemingway
  • FEM Officer: Don Clark

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome Mark White, Rob Sanderson and Jo Thompson to their new roles.

We also thank and acknowledge the efforts of former Lieutenant Martin Leitch, Communications Officer Ben McConville and Training Manager Jason Males for the many hours they selflessly devoted to the brigade by performing these roles.


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