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New vehicles set to enhance fire-fighting capability at Riddells Creek

New vehicles set to enhance fire-fighting capability at Riddells Creek

We are the proud owners of not one, but three new firefighting vehicles following a number of changes to our fleet of fire trucks over the last few months.

After many years of fundraising, the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade purchased a new ‘Medium Tanker’ late last year to help protect the local area from bushfire, grassfires and a range of emergencies. “With a price tag of almost $360,000, the fundraising effort was certainly a lengthy one and the brigade has the entire Riddells Creek community to thank for their support and financial contributions” said Riddells Creek Fire Brigade Captain, Dave Thompson.

The new 4WD tanker is an additional vehicle to the fleet of fire trucks here at Riddells Creek and will certainly increase the brigade’s ability to tackle local grassfires and bushfires. The new fire truck comes with many new technology enhancements, including a remote control water cannon fitted to the front of the vehicle.

But just as we were coming to terms with having a new fire truck at the station, Riddells Creek was offered the chance to exchange one of our other fire trucks for a ‘Light Pumper’. By late November, the deal had been made and our old ‘Pumper Tanker’ vehicle was destined for the Pyramid Hill Fire Brigade, north of Bendigo, in exchange for the new Pumper. “The vehicle swap with Pyramid Hill was a great example of CFA’s utilisation of its vehicle fleet” said Captain Dave Thompson. “We have benefited greatly by receiving a vehicle which will better meet the future needs of Riddells Creek, especially as the township continues to grow. Similarly, Pyramid Hill now has a 4WD fire truck which will better serve their nearby rural and farming areas, so the swap has been a big win for both brigades”.

To cap off the trifecta, the brigade also recently took possession of a new 4WD Ford Ranger ute which replaces the vehicle stolen from the fire station during July last year. “The new ‘Field Command Vehicle’ will assist with managing and controlling large fires and emergencies and was actually used for this role as recently as the fires at Kyneton on January 7th, 2015.


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