Severe Weather Warning

Severe Weather Warning

Starting today and continuing for the entire weekend there is a severe weather warning for the state of Victoria. This includes Riddells Creek and surrounding areas. There will be significant rainfall with totals expected to be between 60 and 300mm. Flash flooding, general flooding and waterways exceeding their capacity should be expected.

Thunderstorms and localised hail may be possible as well.

Residents are urged to check and prepare their properties if safe to do so.

Clear gutters and drain entries, secure loose items that may blow around in strong winds, turn off non required outdoor electrical items (Christmas lights etc.) and have a basic flood kit prepared (mops, buckets, towels, shovel or spade etc.)

Do not drive or enter flood waters. Stay indoors if there is lightning. For flooding or storm damage call the SES Storm line 132 500 or visit the SES Storm Safe Page

For all other emergencies call 000 and remember to look after yourself and be safe.


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